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We hope you'll click here to schedule a meeting to discuss your rental and what's happening in the market with one of our experts. To help you decide, please look through our comprehensive suite of rental services listed below. You'll find that we can handle all the paper work and even interview potential renters for you.

The Weichert Rental Network will:

Weichert Rental Network
  • Help you budget for both operations and capital improvements.
  • Assist you in establishing fair rental market value of each rental unit.
  • Prepare an exclusive rental listing agreement.
  • Advertise, show, and otherwise market your rental(s) in order to obtain prospective tenants.
  • Acquire the designated deposit (generally equal to one month's rent) from your applicants.
  • Verify employment information, past landlord history and perform credit check(s) for all prospective tenants.
  • Review all processed applications and assist you in determining the acceptability of each applicant.
  • Prepare a legally standard approved lease for signature by your tenant(s).
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